Aryabhata is one of the gems that have been unearthed in ancient India over the ages. He was a Mathematician and the founder of Scientific Astronomy. That is why Astronomers call him 'oldAryabhata' and 'all decision guru' as he is highly respected in the society.

Period - 
        The date of birth is considered to be 5th century AD (48-550 CE). Although the exact date of his birth and place  is not known, but according to Albiruni, he was a resident of Kusumpur (now Patna, India). According to Greek historians, Aryabhata was called 'Arduberius' 'the name has been mentioned.

His work
        Aryabhata's three works are found.
Such as-

                      This book divided into three chapter-
            i.mathematics and Geometry 
            ii. Measurement of time
and another books

            No special information is available about his education but he went to Kusumpur for higher education. There he completed his education at Nalanda University. After receiving higher education there, he started teaching at Nalanda University.

                 Important Invention of Arybhata:-

I.Geo-travel(solar system) :-

            He is the first to prove that the rotation of the earth is due to the rotation of day and night. However, the Western astronomer Copernicus (1473-1543 AD) became world famous by making a similar decision. Aryabhata was the first to point out the sun and other rotations, their evil highs and lows, and explained the motion of the planets with the help of circular and eccentric circles.


II.Scientific Astronomy:-
        Aryabhata is known as the father of Scientific Astronomy in ancient India. It was Aryabhata who established his own view by changing the conventional method of ancient vedanga astrology. He discovered the beginning of the first Kali Yuga (3102 BC at midnight on February 16/17).

        In general, the idea of zero does not seem to be a simple matter or of any value. But apart from this zero, its use is essential in any of today's mathematical standards, such as computer coding. And this 'zero' was discovered by the ancient mathematician Aryabhata.

IV.Use of Decimal Number System -
        Aryabhata's work is the first use of decimal number system. He wrote his books in the form of verses and there he arranged the specific values of the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet and invented a new method of counting numbers. Which is clearly seen in his texts.

V. Trigonometry/Geometry - 
        Aryabhata in his book mentions the value of chord trigonometry, square root, cube root, method of determining, area, circumference of circle as well as the sum of squares and cubes of natural numbers etc.A proof of the theoretical method of Pythagoras mentioned in the text of Bhaskaracharya. The method of determining the area mentioned by Aryabhata is - if the sides of a triangle are-
 a, b, c .
Hold x (half-limit) =a+b+c
Then the area of the triangle will be- x(x-a)(x-b)(x-c) Square unit.

VI.Pie Value Determination -
            Aryabhata is one of the people who determines the value of pie. The value given by him is considered to be the only correct one. What Aryabhata says to measure the value of pie is - "Adding one hundred to four and multiplying it by eight and adding sixty-two thousand to it gives the circumference of a circle of twenty thousand units in diameter."
Such as -(4+100) x 8+62000/20000=3.1416

VII.Algebra -
            In algebra, he devised a simple solution of equations containing various unknown quantities. Which is now known as the 'Diophantine Equation'. At that time it was called 'Kuntak'. In India, the Kuntak method is used as a simple method.

IX.The moon has no light of its own-
        He was the first to say that the moon has no light of its own. The moon is illuminated by the light of the sun and we see its reflection.

X.Lunar eclipse/Solar Eclipse theory-

He was the first to say that the moon has no light of its own. The moon is illuminated by the light of the sun and we see its reflection. Aryabhata was the first to explain the theory of solar eclipses and lunar eclipses in order to dispel the stereotypes of human blind faith.

  XI.Aryabhatta Siddhyanta -
        Following the decision of Aryabhata, the Hindu calendar or panchanga is now made. It has been providing information to astrologers since that time.

For his valuable contributions, those theories from ancient times to the present are useful enough for us to know new things. Therefore, the first satellite of India was named "Aryabhata" as a testament to the contribution of mathematician and astronomer Aryabhata.

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