Unique Sanskrit Baby Boys names starting with the letter U (उ)

Unique Sanskrit names Boys Letter U

Here are mention Unique Sanskrit names Boy Letter U (उ) with Meaning, modern Sanskrit boy names, Boy names Sanskrit, baby boy names in Sanskrit with god names, ancient Sanskrit names for baby boy, a to z baby boy names in Sanskrit.

Baby Names for boys:

  • उक्थ (Uktha ): eulogy, praise, series of verses chanted together.
  • उक्षन् (Ukṣan): Name of various deities like Soma, Maruts, Sun and Agni, (lit.) large, an ox or bull.
  • उक्षित (Ukṣita): Sprinkled or consecrated, strong, fully grown.
  • उग्रवीर्य  (Ugravīrya ): terrible in might.
  • उङ्कार (Uṅkāra): name of a companion of Viṣṇu.
  • उचथ्य  (Ucathya): (name of an Āṅgirasa seer, author of some hymns of the Ṛgveda) deserving praise.
  • उच्चदेव (Uccadeva): (name of God Viṣṇu or Kṛṣṇa) highest God.
  • उच्छिख (Ucchikha): (Name of a Nāga in Mahābhārata) high-crested, blazing up, radiant.
  • उच्छिरस (Ucchiras): one with an upraised head.
  • उज्जेन्द्र (Ujjendra): name of a man.
  • उज्झक (Ujjhaka ): a devotee, a cloud.
  • उड्डीश (Uḍḍīśa ): name of Śiva.
  • उतङ्क (Utaṅka): name of a Ṛṣi.
  • उतथ्य (Utathya): name of a son of Aṅgiras and elder brother of Bṛhaspati.
  • उत्कल (Utkala): name of a son of Dhruva.
  • उत्तम (Uttama): best, excellent, highest, chief.
  • उदान (Udāna): one of the five vital-airs present in the body, name of a kind of snake, joy.
  • उदय (Udaya): rising, coming forth, being visible.
  • उदयन (Udayana): (name of several kings and authors in Sanskrit literature) rising of the sun etc., conclusion, result.
  • उदित (Udita): said, spoken, proclaimed, handed down.
  • उद्दालक (Uddālaka ): (name of a Sanskrit teacher) a kind of honey.
  • उद्धव (Udbhava): (name of a son of Nahuṣa) existence, generation, origin.
  • उद्रक (Udraka): name of a Ṛṣi.
  • उन्मणि (Unmaṇi ): a gem lying on the surface.
  • उमेश (Umeśa): (name of God Śiva) husband of Umā i.e. Goddess Pārvatī.
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