Gayetri Mantra: Meaning and benefits of chanting-

Gayatri Mantra is a very important Mantra of Vedic period. This Mantra is written in Vedic Sanskrit. The Gayatri Mantra is found in the (3.62.10) Mandala of the Rigveda. This Mantra is composed in Gayatri verses. Savitri is invoked with Gayatri Mantra hence this Mantra is also called Savitri Mantra.

Gayetri Mantra:-

Gayetri Mantra
Gayetri Mantra

English Transliteration-

gayetri mantra
Gayetri Mantra 

English Translation- 

We meditate on the glory of God, who has created this world, who is worthy of worship, who is the repository of knowledge, who is the remover of sins and ignorance - to show us the light and lead us on the true path.

Meanings of words –

Om-Brahma (supreme power)

Bhuh-Life form


Tat- That


Varenyaṁ-The Best

Bhargo-Destroyer of sins

Devasya-To divya

Dhīmahi-Put on



 Nah- Our

Prachodayāta-To inspire

The Gayatri mantras has been translated in several ways. Such as-

translation by



translation by

translation by

Benefits of the chanting the Gayetri Mantra-

1. As a result of this mantra, our learning power increases and concentration also increases.

2. It brings happiness and prosperity in our human life.

3. This mantra gives man inner strength which helps man to live.

4. This mantra has a significant role to play in peace.

5. This mantra keeps our heart healthy, strengthens the mind and helps maintain good health.

6. Destroys all kinds of evil energy and brings improvement in family life.

7. Chanting this mantra brings excitement and positivity, dispels negative thoughts, Interest in religion karma awakens, anger cools down and knowledge grows

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