Influence of Ramayana on Indian Culture and Literature


Influence of Ramayana on Indian Culture and Literature
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Influence of Ramayana on Indian Culture, Religion and Literature, Importance of Ramayana in Indian literature, Cultural impact of Ramayana

Influence of Ramayana on Indian Culture and Literature

    The Ramayana is a national epic and scripture for Indians. The author of Ramayana is Maharshi Valmiki. The poet himself has said that this poem, which is beautiful to everyone's ears, is a reservoir of religion, money, and less salvation like the sea. -

Kāmārtha Guna Sanyuktaṁ Dharmārth Guṇvistaraṁ 

Samudramiva Ratnāḍhyaṁ sarvaśruti Manoharaṁ  

    Therefore, one cannot think of any imagination, nobility, or pure expression which is not focused on the language and rhythm of the taste of Ramayana. Valmiki has enlivened his portraits with the touch of writing in such a way that even after ages, they have inspired young and old women in India. The characteristics of a text indicate its effect. For example, about the features of Ramayana, it has been said in Padma Purana-

Charitaṁ Raghunāthasya Śatakoti Suvistaraṁ 

Yeṣaṁ vai Yādriśī Buddhi Ste Vadantyeva Tādriśīṁ  

Na Tat Puraṇaṁ Na Hi Yatra Rāmo Yasyāṁ Na Rāmo Na Cha Saṁhitā Sā 

Sa Netihāso Na Hi Yatra Ramaḥ Kavyaṁ Na Hi Tatra Syannahi Yatra Rāmaḥ  


    The following are the forms of Ramayana that have influenced religion, society, culture, and literature:


 Influence of Ramayana on Indian Religion-

    The Ramayana is not just a level poem, it is an epic or a hero-story. It has a lot of importance. The Ramayana was a ritual and theology of the Aryans. It plays a special role in creating the overall ideal character of human life. The Ramayana is a religious history book of ancient culture, rituals, truth, religion, observance of rituals, the importance of various sacrifices, etc. The effect can be seen even in the present time. The practice of reciting Ramayana in various religious ceremonies still exists.

Influence of Ramayana on Indian society -

     The influence of Ramayana on social harmony is quite noticeable. Yet Rāmchandra is comparable in society as a devoted husband, as a patriarchal son, as a progenitor king. The greatness of Sīta's patience and fidelity still inspires the Indian lady clan to become Lakshmi at home.

Moreover, devotion to the duty of a brother to brother, ideal father, ideal mother, ideal son, ideal brother, ideal household life, etc. still gives moral motivation in the life of Indian people.


 Influence of Ramayana on Indian culture -

    The influence of Ramayana can also be seen in Indian culture. For example, the idea of Rama's kingdom, the victory of virtue over sin, the importance of sacrificing for the sake of giving up greed, the idea of sacrifice for the morality of life, truthfulness, promise, and devotion to duty, etc.

  Influence of Ramayana on Indian Literature -

    The immense influence of Ramayana has been gaining influence in the field of literature from the mythological age to the present time. The story of Ramayana has been briefly recorded in the Puranas like Mahabharata, Agni, Vishnu, Skandha, Padma, Bhagavata, etc. for its outstanding popularity. Later, the Indian poet Ramayana enriched the form of the Gem store and attained immortality by becoming a poet himself.

Ramayana was the main source of inspiration for poets like Ashvaghosh Kalidasa. Also Bhasa's "Pratimā" drama and "Abhiṣek" drama, Kalidasa's "Raghuvansham", Bhavabhuti's "Mahavira Charitam" and "Uttararamcharita", Bhatti's "Ravanabadha" or "Bhattikavya", Kumar Das's "Jānakīharaṇa",Murari's "Anargharaghava", Ksemendra's "Rāmāyaṇa manjarī", Rājaśekhara's "Vālrāmāyaṇa" Drama, Sandhyakarnandi's "Rāmcharita",Jaydeva's "Prasanna Raghava", Bhoja's "Champū Rāmāyaṇa" etc.are the epitome of the time-honored poetic genius of the Ramayana. Apart from these, it is difficult to say how many poems have been written based on the story of Ramayana.


Poetry-drama has been written based on the story of Ramayana, in the same way, Dharmashastra has been written by imitating the story of Ramayana. They are Adhyatma Ramayana, Yogabashistha Ramayana, etc.

The influence of Ramayana can be seen in the Pali language 'Dasaratha Jataka', the Prakrit language epic 'Setubandha' and 'Ravana Baho' written in Prakrit language and the Bimalsuri poem 'Paum Charia'


    The Ramayana has been translated and admired in almost every regional language of India. For example, "Komb Ramayana" in Tamil, "Torbey Ramayana" in Kannada, "Nepali Ramayana" in Bhanubhakta, "Ramcharit Manas" Tulsi Das in Hindi, and "Saptakanda Ramayana" Krittibas in Bengali, are not only popular but also read with reverence in every house.

Besides, the direct and indirect influence of Ramayana can be seen in the various provincial literature of almost all India.

    Brahma's blessing on the immense influence of Ramayana has been fulfilled in the society, religion, state, literature and philosophy of India.

Yāvat Sthasyanti Girayaḥ Saritashch Mahītale 

Tavat Rāmāyanī Kothā Lokeṣu Prachariṣyati  

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