LOVE STORY:-The king Dushyanta is fascinated by the amazing beauty of Shakuntala, the daughter of Ashram(Monastery).
     In terms of Sanskrit literature, the love story of Shakuntalā and King Dushyanta in Kālidasa's play Abhijñānasakuntalaṁ gives the reader a feeling of miraculous joy today. That is why after reading this play, many writers of the world do not hesitate to criticize it. As the German poet Gate says - 'If you want to see heaven and earth in the same place, then study Abhijñānasakuntalaṁ'. This drama has spread its influence all over the world. 

Now let's talk about A story -
One day King Dushyanta went hunting with his companion. He then followed a deer and entered the ashram of Konv Muni in Tapoban. As soon as Muni Kumar entered the ashram, Baikhanas forbade the king to kill the deer and told him not to kill the deer of the ashram(Monastery). After hearing Muni Kumar's words, the king raised his arrow. 

As soon as he entered the ashram, he saw Shakuntalā watering the trees of the ashram(Monastery) with his two friends Priyambadā and Anusūya. The king was fascinated by Shakuntāl's beauty at the first sight without coming to the public. Seeing Shakuntala, the king thought that such a beautiful daughter was doing this deed and it was not right for her to do this deed. Seeing his tender fragile body, the king began to think that if the rare body of the palace belonged to the ashram dwellers, then it must be admitted that even the well-kept vines in the garden are paying homage to this form of forest today. He further said that it was not right to do the work of Maharshi Konv with such a girl. 

The three girlfriends are tired of the water in the tree so they want to rest for a while. At that time a beetle comes and starts harassing Shakuntalā. He began to say, O bumblebee, you are repeatedly touching Shakuntala's eyelids; It is as if you are talking in secret, in such a way that you go to the ear and say that while he is pushing you away with both hands, you are drinking the sweetness of the lips. I wasted my time just knowing about him, you did the job. Even after being expelled again and again, Bumblebees does not leave Shakuntala behind, only then Dushyanta comes out in public and saves Shakuntala from Bumblebees's hands. Only then did the king know that Shakuntala Maharshi was the son of Bishwamitra and Menkar, the adopted daughter of Konb Muni. The king was very happy to hear that. At the same time, all the residents of the ashram were busy to enter the ashram from one of the forests of the ashram. The three friends went inside the ashram. The king also returned to his camp. 

In the absence of Konb Muni, the tyranny of the demons increased and the work of their ashram was hampered. The two Muni Kumars requested the king to visit their ashram. But after that a disturbance appeared that the queen mother had sent a message from the capital that she had made a vow to know her son's well-being, so the king had to return to the capital. In this way he went after both the crises, for which he tactfully sent the clown to the capital instead of himself. Because he is now in love with Shakuntala. 

With the arrival of the king, the ashram grows and the monster becomes free. Although you and Chandra are both trustworthy by referring to Kamadeva, you are deceiving people who are anxious to get someone. In this way he awakens in his mind the desire to get closer to Shakuntala in the cool water of Malini river waves and the smell of lotus. Shakuntala fell ill when she went to look for him, so two girlfriends have been engaged in his service. she is laid on a stone altar made of flowers. Because his condition is like that of a king, both of them have become very addicted to each other. The king went to them and asked what had happened to him. The friends made an excuse and left the two of them. Then the two meet and they 

After the marriage, the king had to return to the capital, but the king did not take Shakuntala with him because he wanted to take Shakuntala on time. So he took a ring with his own name on it and said that he would take Shakuntala with him as soon as all the letters in this ring were finished.   

One day Shakuntala was so worried about Dushmanta that he came to the ashram(Monastery) at a time when he was not alone. When he called again and again, when Shakuntala did not answer him, Durbasa Muni cursed him that he could no longer recognize you for the reason you insulted him. He could no longer remember you in the same way that a madman cannot remember what he said before. . Hearing this, the two friends rushed there because they knew that Shakuntala's state of mind was not good today. At their request, the sage then said that the curse would be released as soon as he saw any memorial. 

In this way many days pass but Shakuntala does not come to take Dushyant anymore. At that time Konb Muni came back to the ashram and in his ashram he found out all about his tapobala. He then arranged for Shakuntala to be sent to her father-in-law's house. But due to the curse, he can no longer recognize Shakuntala. The king thought that if he took another's wife, he would not be condemned in the end. But when he goes to see the ring given by the king, he can no longer see it because it goes after the time of offering in the water of Sachitirtha. So he could not prove the truth. He insulted Shakuntala in many ways. Then Shakuntala started crying, an illuminated female idol took Shakuntala away. 

When the ring that was later found in the waters of Sachi Tirtha was found, the king remembered everything about his marriage to Shakuntala. But it was too late to remember what would happen, so there was no shadow of mourning for the king. He always thinks only of Shakuntala. That is why he has stopped the spring festival in his kingdom. May his period of sorrow never end. Then one day Indra's charioteer Matli came and informed that Indra had called you to kill the demon. At the call of King Indra, he went to heaven. 

 A few days later, when Devdanab defeated Indra in battle and was returning to his kingdom, he met Shakuntala and his son Bharat at the Marich Ashram(Monastery). With the blessings of sage Marich, his son Indra returned to his capital in a chariot. In this way their love story ends with great excellence. 

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