Autobiography of the great poet Kalidasa

Kalidasa, Autobiography of the great poet Kalidasa, Kalidas story, Mahakavi Kalidas story, Short story of Kalidas in English

Kalidasa, the great poet of Sanskrit literature, has immortalized himself in the history of world literature. He has been able to assimilate himself in the hearts of the world even today for his own created fame. That is why the time of Kalidasa can be termed as the golden age. There is no accurate biography of the man but according to many legends we can try to identify Kalidasa. First of all, I would like to tell you about his period. According to various decisions after various debates, he was born sometime between the 2nd and 6th centuries BC. Now I will know more about him. It is known from Vidyotma that Kalidasa was a fool in his childhood. 

Once upon a time there was a princess who was very learned, once she made a solemn promise that if she could answer her three questions she would accept him as her husband. Many scholars like him came but no one could answer his question. A few scholars began to think about how to teach this arrogant woman. Thinking this, they began to think that the princess would have to marry such a fool if she had to learn. Thinking this, they went out in search of that fool. One day they saw a fool sitting on a branch of a tree and cutting his mind at the beginning of the branch. They thought that no one could be more foolish than this, if we marry him, our revenge for his humiliation will be complete. That's how he was brought to the princess.

Then the princess did not ask him any more questions, she asked by pointing at the signal - the first question showed a finger at the signal. Fool's answer - without understanding anything he pointed two fingers. In the second question, the princess showed four fingers in three answers. In the last question, the princess saw five fingers and punched him in the face. Only he knew the answer to the princess's question, so since he answered every question correctly, the princess agreed to marry him at his own rate. The marriage ceremony ended with joy. The insult of the scholars was quenched. 

Now look at the stupid thing after the marriage - while the two were talking, the call of a camel was heard from outside. Then the princess asked - Whose call was heard? Kalidasa replied - camel. Then he thought it was a mistake. The princess realized she was so stupid. He got angry and chased her away. In this humiliation, the fool goes to the water to save his life. At the right time, Bak Devi Saraswati came to save him and blessed him and said that he would be the unique poet of the world. In this way he prevents himself from sacrificing his life. 
As soon as he got the groom, Kalidasa went to the princess and said, On hearing this, the princess replied, "Asti kashchit bak bisesh, meaning there has been a special change in speaking." He later composed three poems with these three words. He composed Kumarasambhav with Asti, Meghdoot with Kashchit, and Raghuvansh with Vaak. 

It is known from Navaratna that he was one of the 9 Ratnas in Vikramaditya's meeting. Kalidasa is also known from the account of the feast and is considered to be the chief poet of the feast. There are other legends, such as the controversy between Dandi and Kalidasa over who grew up as a poet. To solve this, Goddess Saraswati came there and decided that Dandi is the best as a poet but Kalidasa was surprised at that time. But the goddess says that she herself is the goddess of peace.  

Autobiography of the great poet Kalidasa
Kalidasa, Autobiography of the great poet Kalidasa, Kalidas story, Mahakavi Kalidas story, Short story of Kalidas in English, information of kalidas 

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