10 lines on Myself for Student in English/ Myself essay in English

10 lines on Myself for Student in English

Myself essay in English

My name is Sourav Sarkar. It is a vary nice name. I like and Love my Name. I live at NJP close to the station. My father name Sri Abhijit Sarkar and My Mother name Paramita Sarkar. My father is a Teacher. I am fourteen years old now. I am a student of class VIII of Adarsha Vidya Mandir School. I have a brother and two sisters. They love me very much. I also love them. My parents love me so very much and I am also very fond of them. 

10 lines on Myself for Student in English/  10 lines essay on myself in English

1. My name is  Anup Das.

2. I am twelve years old an I am study in class 7.

3. I live in Kolkata.

4. I Study at Vidyanidhi High School.

5.  My father name is Arun Das and my mother's name is Anurima Das.

6.  My favorite subject is Math.

7. My favorite food is fry-rice.

8. I love Singing, Painting, sports and travelling.

9. I am very honest and punctual .

10. I want to become a Doctor.

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