10 lines on Discipline for Students in English

10 lines on Discipline in English

Essay on discipline in English

1. Discipline means- obedience to some general rules conduct.

2. Discipline is the training of the mind and body that builds up our character.

3. We must admit that unrestricted freedom leads to anarchy and so there is need of discipline to control conduct of the members of society.

4. School can't run without discipline.

5. In the play ground disciplines also is necessary.

6. Certain quality such as diligence and dutifulness, patience and preservice honestly and truthfulness, courage and containment are not attained without discipline.

7. Every subject follows discipline.

8. Discipline is keys to success in all spheres of life.

9. Discipline makes it easier for a person to walk the path of his life.

10. Discipline is essential for a healthy society..


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