Unique Sanskrit Name of Girls Starting with the Letter L (ल)

Unique Sanskrit Name of Girls Starting with the Letter L (ल)

If you are find new born baby Girls name, then you are came to right place. we are mention Unique Sanskrit names Girls Letter  L (ल)  with Meaning with a, modern Sanskrit Girls names with a , Girls names Sanskrit with a, baby Girls names in Sanskrit with god names with a, ancient Sanskrit names for baby Girls with a, a to z baby Girls names in Sanskrit. If you like this name then kindly share this post.

Names for girls:

  • लक्षिता (Lakṣitā ): marked, distinguished, characterized, examined, recognised.
  • लक्ष्मी (Lakṣmī ): a good sign, good fortune, prosperity, success, happiness.
  • लाघवी (Lāghavī ): a slender or delicate woman.
  • लतिका (Latikā ): a slender creeper, a string of pearls. 
  • लिप्सा (Lipsā ): the desire to gain, wish to acquire or obtain.
  • लवली (Lavalī ): a kind of metre, छन्द or वृत्त in classical Sanskrit literature.
  • लसा (Lasā ): saffron, turmeric, red sandalwood.
  • लहरी (Laharī ): a large wave, billow. 
  • लाक्षणिकी (Lākṣaṇikī ): knowing marks, acquainted with signs, an interpreter of marks and signs.
  • लावण्या (Lāvaṇyā ): beauty, loveliness, charm.  
  • लेखा (Lekhā ): a streak, a line, a stroke. 
  • लोपमुद्रा (Lopamudrā ): (wife of sage Agasti) a learned woman.
  • लीलावती (Līlāvatī ): sporty, active.
  • लोक्या (Lokyā ): attainment of a better world.
  • लोहित्या (Lohityā): a celestial female/lady.
  • लक्षणा (Lakṣaṇā ): characteristic, attribute, quality.
  • लोचना (Locanā): having beautiful eyes.
  • लीना (Līnā ): devoted one.
  • लक्ष्मीप्रिया (Lakṣmīpriyā ): beloved of Goddess Lakṣmī.
  • लघिमा (Laghimā ): (name of Goddess Pārvatī) One of the eight Siddhis.
  • लिपिका (Lipikā): a written article, scribe.
  • लबुकी (Labukī ): name of a musical instrument.
  • लटहा (Laṭahā ): pretty or beautiful girl.
  • लता (Latā ): a creeper, any creeping or winding plant or twining tendril.
  • लीला (Līlā): divine playfulness.

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