My village essay for Children and Student in English

My village essay in English

My village essay in English

The name of my village in Panchamukhi. It is situated in Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal. It is a small village. There are about two hundred and fifty families live in this village. The population of the village is three thousands. there are very big field and a small river around the village. There are most of the farmers. There are some work as teacher and traders. There is a high school, a primary school. The villagers are mostly poor. The roads are metaled. Besides all these problems, I am very pond and proud of my village.     

10 lines on My village essay in English/ My village 10 lines Essay writing in English.

1. The name of my village is Shyamapur.

2. My Village is clean and so beautiful.

3. It is in Malda District of West bengal.

4. My village is surrounding by Nature.

5. About Five Thousand People live in My Village.

6. My village has a primary and secondary school. 

7. In my village, most of the people are farmer and they are very hard-working.

8. They are not rich people but very kind people.

9. My Village is an Ideal village.

10. I am love my village.

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