Unique New Born Baby Boys Sanskrit names starting with Ch (च)

Sanskrit names Boys starting with Ch (च)

If you are find new born baby Boys name, then you are came to right place. we are mention Unique Sanskrit names Boys Letter  Ch (च) with Meaning with a, modern Sanskrit Boys names with a , Boys names Sanskrit with a, baby Boys names in Sanskrit with god names with a, ancient Sanskrit names for baby Boys with a, a to z baby Boys names in Sanskrit. If you like this name then kindly share this post.

Names for boys:

  • चण (Caṇa ): famous, renowned.
  • चाणक्य (Cāṇakya ): (famous minister and political advisor of King Chandragupta) son of Caṇaka.
  • चतुर (Catura): swift, quick, clever.
  • चदिर (Cadira): the moon, camphor.
  • चन्दन (Candana ): Sandalwood, something which is excellent of its kind, aromatic.
  • चर्मिक Carmika ): shield-bearer.
  • चाक्ष्म (Cākṣma ): gracious.
  • चारु (Cāru ): (one of the sons of Krishna) beloved, esteemed, pleasing.
  • चैतन्य (Caitanya ): consciousness, intelligence, soul.
  • च्यवन (Cyavana ): (a seer / ṛṣi who was the son of seer Bhṛgu) one who is moving or one who makes something to move.
  • चक्री (Cakrī): (name of Viṣṇu) one who has the discus. 
  • चन्द्रेश (Candreśa ): (one of the names of Śiva) lord of the moon.
  • चारुदत्त (Cārudatta): one who is born beautiful.
  • चित्रगुप्त (Citragupta ): (assistant of Yama who keeps the records of good and bad deeds of every being.) rich in secrets. 
  • चिन्तामणि (Cintāmaṇi ): (one of the names of Gaṇapatī) A jewel which wards off all the worries. 
  • चकोर (Cakora): the Greek partridge, a bird fabled to subsist on moon-beams.
  • चक्र (Cakra ): wheel of the chariot (in Rigveda, sun’s chariot), a discus or sharp circular missile weapon (especially of Viṣṇu).
  • चक्रेश (Cakreśa ): sovereign of the World.
  • चक्षणि (Cakśaṇi ): an illuminator.
  • चङ्कुर (Caṅkura ): a tree, a carriage.
  • चञ्चु (Cañcu ): renowned or famous, a deer, name of a plant.
  • चन्द्रकेतु (Candraketu ): (son of Lakṣmaṇa) sign or mark or torch like the moon.
  • चरक (Caraka ): (one of the followers and expounders of Ayurveda) Wanderer, Wandering religious student.
  • चरव्य (Caravya ): destined to sacrifice with Caru oblation, sacrifice.
  • चातक (Cātaka ): the bird Cuculus melanoleucus (said to subsist on rain-drops).
  • चन्द्रहास (Candrahāsa ): one having a smile as bright as the moon.
  • चारुहास (Cāruhāsa ): one having a beautiful smile.
  • चित्तरञ्जन (Cittarañjana ): gratifying or affiliating the mind.
  • चैत्र (Caitra): first month of the Hindu calendar.
  • चिरायु (Cirāyu ): having a long life.
  • चिदात्मा (Cidātmā ): pure thought or intelligence.

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