10 Sanskrit Slokas with Meaning in English/ Sanskrit Slokas with meaning

Sanskrit Slokas with Meaning in English

Here are mentions some Sanskrit Slokas with Meaning in English.

आचारः परमो धर्मः आचारः परमम् तपः।

आचारः परमम् ज्ञानं आचारात्किं न साध्यते।।


Ācharaḥ Paramo Dharmaḥ Āchāraḥ Paramaṁ Tapaḥ.
Āchāraḥ Paramaṁ Gyānaṁ Āchārātkiṁ Na Śādhyate.

Meaning in English: Following custom of a religion, is the best of all Dharma. Following customs of a religion, is the best of all Meditation. Following customs of a religion, is the best of all knowledge. What not can be achieved by following the customs?

शांतितुल्यं तपो नास्ति तोषान्न परमम् सुखं।

नास्ति तृष्णापरो व्याधिर्न च धर्मो दयापरः।।


Śāntitulyaṁ Tapo Nāsti Toṣānna Paramaṁ Sukhaṁ.
Nāsti Tr̥ṣṇāparo Vyādhirna Cha Dharmo Dayāparaḥ.

Meaning in English: There is no achievement as achieving peace, there is no other happiness compared to satisfaction, there is no other disease like desire, there is no other Dharma as showing mercy on others.

विद्वत्वं च नृपत्वं च नैव तुल्यं कदाचन।

स्वदेशे पूज्यते राजा विद्वान् सर्वत्र पूज्यते।।


Vidvatvaṁ Cha Nr̥patvaṁ Cha Nēva Tulyaṁ Kadāchana.
Svadeshe Pūjyate Rājā Vidvan Sarvatra Pūjyate.

Meaning in English: Knowledge of a scholar and empire of a king are not comparable. A king is respected in his own country where as educated person is respected everywhere.

शतेषु जायते शूरः सहस्त्रेषु च पण्डितः।

वक्ता दस सहस्त्रेषु दाता भवति वा न वा।


Śateṣu Jāyate Śūraḥ Sahastreṣu Cha Paṇḍitaḥ.
Vaktā Dasa Sahastreṣu Dātā Bhavati Vā Na Vā 

Meaning in English: Among one hundred persons only one person happens to be brave, among one thousand persons only one person happens to be a scholar, and among ten thousand persons only one person happens to be an orator. But a generous and charitable person can be found among many thousands.

अस्थिरं जीवितं लोके यौवनं धनमस्थिरं।

अस्थिरं पुत्रदारापि धर्मः कीर्तिद्व्यं स्थिरं।।


Asthiraṁ Jīvitam Loke Yauvanaṁ Dhanamsthiraṁ.
Asthiraṁ Putradārāpi Dharmaḥ Kīrtidvyaṁ Sthiraṁ.

Meaning in English: In this world, the life span of people, their youth and wealth, and also association with their wife and sons, are all unstable, But adherence to religious austerity, and the name, fame thus acquired, remains steady and stable..

एकेनापि सुपुत्रेण विद्यायुक्तेन साधुना।

आह्लादितं कुलं सर्वं यथा चन्द्रेण शर्वरी।।


Ekenāpi Suputreṇa Vidyāyuktena Sādhunā
Āhvāditaṁ Kulaṁ Sarvaṁ Yatha Chandreṇa Śrvarī

Meaning in English: A well educated and virtuous single son can bring joy to the whole family and keeps the family happy like a moon even though just one, gives light a night to everyone.

अगुणस्य हतं रूपं अशीलस्य हतं कुलं।

असिद्धेस्तु हता विद्या अभोगस्य हतं धनं।।


Āguṇasya hataṁ Rūpaṁ Āśīlasya Hataṁ Kulaṁ.
Asiddhestu Hatā Vidyā Abhogasya Hataṁ Dhanaṁ.

Meaning in English: Beauty is spoiled, if one has no good qualities. Good name of the family is lost, due to a family member with bad character. If not well practiced, knowledge in a human brain is lost. If not used for good deeds wealth is considered as lost.

यथा खनन खनित्रेण नरौ वार्याधिगच्छति।
तथा गुरुगताम विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति।।


Yathā Khanana Khanitreṇa Narō Vāryādhigachchati.
Tatha Gurugatāṁ Vidyaṁ Śuśrūṣuradhigachchati.

Meaning in English: The deeper one digs the earth, the more water he/she gets from the bottom of the earth. Similarly the more a student serves the master and queries, the more he/ she attains knowledge.

स्वभाव सुन्दरं वस्तु न संस्कारमपेक्षते।
मुक्तरत्नस्य शाणाश्मघर्षणं नोपयुज्यते।।


Svabhāva Sundaraṁ Vastu Na Saṅskāramapekshate.
Muktaratnasya Śāṇāśmagharṣaṇaṁ Nopayujyate

Meaning in English: That which is beautiful by nature, does not need further refinement. For a pearl, grinding on a touch stone will do not good!

नरत्वं दुर्लभं लोके विद्या तत्र सुदुर्लभा।
शीलं च दुर्लभं तत्र विनयस्तत्र सुदुर्लभः।।


Naratvaṁ Durlabhaṁ Loke Vidyā Tatra Sudurlabhā.
Śīlaṁ Cha Durlabhaṁ Tatra Vinayastatra Sudurlabhaḥ

Meaning in English:  To take birth in the human race is a great gift. Wherein to obtain knowledge and wisdom is hard, further to have a noble character is harder and living a life of modesty is the hardest.

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