Sanskrit slokas on wealthSanskrit slokas on wealth

Sanskrit slokas on wealth, slokas on wealth in Sanskrit with English meaning, slokas on wealth in Sanskrit, slokas on wealth in Sanskrit with meaning

1 .त्यागो गुणो वित्तवतां वितं त्यागवतां गुणः। 

परस्परवियुक्तौ तु वित्तत्यागौ विडम्बना।।  


Tyāgo Guṇo Vittavatāṁ Vitaṁ Tyāgavatāṁ Guṇaḥ.

Parasparaviyuktau Tu Vittatyāgau Vidambanā.

English Meaning-

If the rich have a mind to donate money, it is indeed a great merit. If the generous people have enough money it is also a merit, as they prefer donating rather than keeping themselves. It is an ironical fact that wealth and generosity do not do together.

2.मातृवत् परदारांश्च परद्रव्याणि लोष्टवत्।

आत्मवत् सर्वभूतानि यः पश्यति स पश्यति।।  


Mātr̥vat Paradārāṁścha Paradravyāṇi Loṣtavat.

Atmavat Sarvabhūtāni Yaḥ Paśyati Sa paśyati.

English Meaning-

The correct method to take a gander at others' spouses is as though she is your mom, others' abundance as though it is chunk of mud, any remaining creatures as though they were you.

3.आलस्यं हरति प्रज्ञा धनमायुर्यशो बलं। 

यस्मिन्नास्ते तदालस्यं सर्वदोषाकरस्तु सः।।  


Ālasyaṁ Harati Prajñā Dhanamāyuryaśo Balaṁ.

Yasminnāste Tadālasyaṁ Sarvadoṣākarastu Saḥ.

English Meaning-

Laziness in a person destroys his intelligence, Wealth, Duration of life, fame and strength. Then again those people who are not apathetic, are liberated from every one of these deficiencies.

4. नहि बुद्धिगुणैनैव सुहृदामर्थदर्शनम्। 

कार्यसिद्धिः पथः सूक्ष्मः स्नेहाSप्युपलभ्यते।। 


Nahi Buddhigunainaiva Suhr̥dāmarthadarśanaṁ

Kāryasiddhiḥ Pathaḥ Sūkṣṁaḥ Snehāapyupalabhyate.

English Meaning-

One cannot acquire wealth just by being intelligent and virtuous, because the path of achieving wealth will always be very narrow and tricky. But, it can be achieved through kind nature and determination.

5. अस्थिरं जीवितं लोके यौवनं धनमस्थिरं। 

अस्थिरं पुत्रदारापि धर्मः कीर्तिर्द्व्यं स्थिरं।।  


Asthiraṁ Jīvitaṁ Loke Yauvanaṁ Dhanamasthiraṁ.

Asthiraṁ Putradārāpi Dharmaḥ Kīrtirdvyaṁ Sthiraṁ.

English Meaning-

In this world, the life span of people, their youth and wealth, and also association with their wife and sons, are all unstable. But adherence to religious austerity, and the name, fame thus acquired, remains steady and stable.

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6. गर्वान्ध परपीडायै दुर्जनस्य धनं बलम्। 

सज्जनस्य तु दानाय रक्षणाय च ते सदा।।  


Garvāndha Parapīdāyau Durjanasya Dhanaṁ Balaṁ.

Sajjanasya tu Dānāya Rakṣaṇāya Ca Te Sadā.

English Meaning-

A wicked and mean person blinded by his wealth and power, use his wealth for its vulgar display, and his power in causing trouble and pain to others. But a noble and righteous person use his wealth for charitable purposes, and his power in protecting the meek and downtrodden people.

7. अलब्धं लब्धकामस्य जनस्य गतिरीदृषी। 

अलुब्धेषु मनस्तापः संचितार्थो विनश्यति।।  


Alabdhaṁ Labdhakāmasya Janasya Gatitidr̥ṣī.

Alubdheṣu Manastāpaḥ Sanchitārtho Vinaśyati.

English Meaning-

People whose desire is either fulfilled or unfulfilled will always suffer. People whose desire is unfulfilled, suffer from mental anguish of getting something can be wealth and the people whose desire is fulfilled, suffer from the fear of losing something(wealth). 

8. अप्रियस्यापि वचसः परिणामविरोधिनः। 

वक्ता श्रोता च यत्रास्ति रमन्ते तत्र संपदः।। 


Apriyasyāpi Vacasaḥ Pariṇāmavirodhinaḥ.

Vaktā Śrotā Ca Yatrāsti Ramante Tatra Saṁpadaḥ.

English Meaning-

Where there are people, who speak things which may not be appreciated/ liked by many others, but are beneficiary to everyone. And also where there are people whose listen to these words and follow them, there is the place for all wealth in the world (wealth here is not just money but also health, manners, respect, etc.)

 9. एकाभिना तपो द्वाभ्यां पठनं गायनं त्रिभिः।

चतुर्भिर्गमनं क्षेमं पञ्चाभिर्बहुभि रनम्।।  


Ekābhinā Tapo Dvābhyāṁ Paṭhanaṁ Gāyanaṁ Tribhiḥ.

Caturbhirgamanaṁ Kṣemaṁ Panchābhirbahubhi Ranaṁ.

English Meaning-

One person is good enough to practice Meditation. Two persons are good enough to read something. Singing on the stage is best done by three individuals. In a long excursion, four individuals going together can be of more insurance. To safeguard one's wealth, five people should come together. Horticulture works out positively for at any rate five, And going to a conflict need some more.

10. अहो बत विचित्राणि चरितानि महात्मनां। 

लक्ष्मी तृणाय मन्यन्ते तदभरेण नमन्ति च। 


Aho Bat Vichitrāṇi Charitāni Mahātmanāṁ.

Lakṣmī Tr̥ṇāya Manyante Tadabhareṇa Namanti Ca.

English Meaning-

How strange are the deed and lifestyle of great noble and righteous persons? They treat wealth as very insignificant as a blade of grass, and if per chance they are wealthy, they do not yield  under the pressure of their wealth, i.e. they don't get glad and self-important, yet stay well mannered and equitable.

Sanskrit slokas on wealth, slokas on wealth in Sanskrit with English meaning, slokas on wealth in Sanskrit, slokas on wealth in Sanskrit with meaning

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